Frasca 141/142

Facts Every Operator
Should Know Before Buying a Simulator

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a reconditioned AST 300 or Frasca Simulator/Flight Training Device. Purchasing a simulator for your flight school represents a large investment of capital and requires research before you buy. If you are purchasing your first simulator you need several questions answered to help make a selection. Not all simulators are created equal.

Simulators vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and different models have performance and equipment differences. This is one reason prices vary so much. As simulator brokers, we have the expertise to help you make these decisions. We donít just sell simulators, we provide everything you need to succeed with your simulator as a profit center.


For over 25 years we have owned, operated and maintained simulators of all types in our own flight schools. As brokers and flight school operators we think very highly of the reliability and utilization of the AST-300 & Frasca simulators/ BATD, since we use them in our own flight schools. They are exceptional to use for IFR training especially during the winter months in certain parts of the country where the weather is cold and flying in icing conditions can be most dangerous.

All simulators/BATDs are FAA approved for all training (20hours) for the IFR plus complete IPC checks, where many of the computer PCADís only allow for 10 hours and are not logable for recurrent training or IPC checks. Additionally several commuters use the AST 300 and Frasca simulators for Airline pre-employment screening rather than a PCAD. There is a big difference in fidelity and control feel with a Simulator/BATD vs. PCAD.

Also as part of the sale of your simulator, our Company will include maintenance and instructor training on the operation of the simulator. Additionally, we can supply materials and techniques for marketing the simulator in your flight-training program and to your local aviation community. Also available, sources of curriculums to help structure your pilot training using the simulator.

Our web site will give detailed descriptions, and pictures of different models of simulators and in different configurations of simulators in stock for sale.

The price you pay for any good simulator is dictated by how it is equipped.

As independent simulator brokers, it is our goal to provide a simulator to meet your needs and within budget.

For current inventory, prices or further questions please contact us.


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