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Questions and considerations for
Simulator Flight training Center operators


 What determines the cost of a Simulator/Flight training device

  • Cost is reflected by single engine VS Multiengine and how the simulator is equipped such as HSI RMI and visual systems.
  • Depending on our inventory stock we often have specials and discounts on sale of reconditioned simulators. In most cases prices are usually 50% of what a new simulator would cost from the manufacture.

How can an operator operate a simulator as a profit center

  • Simulators attract more IFR students both for initial and recurrent they are the modern tools for flight training, plus are much more cost efficient .With the increased cost of aircraft operation, insurance , maintenance and escalating high cost of fuel, FBOíS have realized that teaching in simulators increases their profit margin.
  • The aviation colleges and universities are all integrating simulators as a major part of there curriculums.
  • During winter months or in desert heat climates in the summer simulators can be an operators best source of revenue.

What about maintenance on the simulators.

  • Parts and service for both Frasca and AST are available both from the factory and other outside vendors.
  • Additionally trouble shooting problems and repairs can be performed by an avionics technician.
  • What are the advantages of buying a simulator VS a cheaper PCAD
  • The fidelity and realism of a simulator and transfer of student learning far out ways a PCAD. Additionally simulators are a greater profit center than operating PCADS.

Are older simulators still FAA approved.

  • Yes reconditioned simulators are Grandfathered and will remain so as per AC 120-45A .

As a broker do you consign simulators.

  • We will consign a simulator or take a simulator in on trade on a purchase of another simulator. Any simulator that we take in trade goes through a through reconditioning before we sell it.

What additional training can I do with a simulator besides IFR training.

  • Simulators and flight training devices work well for teaching CRM, crew training , airline interview prep, upgrade training and Emergency maneuver training for the VFR student as well. See FAR approvals for more information.

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