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3 hours of flight vs 1 hour of simulator at 1/3 the cost.

The Simulator Broker a division of Flight West Aviation. Established in 1982

Over the years we have used both AST and Frasca simulators extensively in our own flight schools and have found them both to be excellent platforms for instrument and procedural training and mechanically, electronically reliable.

Our technicians are factory trained and have years of experience servicing both simulators/ Flight Training Devices. Because of the demand for used reconditioned training devices we are able to serve our customer base with good serviceable trainers at reduced prices. We represent banks and other financial institutions with repossessions plus flight schools that are deposing of good used simulators. The net result we have a constant stock of trainers in all different configurations and at reduced prices.

As a customer this means that our clients get the BEST DEAL with the greatest return on investment. As brokers our goal to help clients purchase the right simulator/ BATD for training within their equipment budget.


Attention all simulator operators and owners as of Jan 2015 the certification of all FTD & other devices have changed. All devices are now classified as ATD and BATD. All devices must apply to the FAA for recertification every 5 years and require yearly inspections for calibration .The procedures and ATD or BATD is covered in Advisory Circular AC81-136A dated 11/17/14.

Why these changes is to bring training devices up to the new technical standards. The big change is the addition of a GPS and moving map display. The requirement for an autopilot/Flight director system will be waived if not equipped. Many operators have asked us does that mean my older Frasca or AST-300 or other training device that isnít equipped with GPS useable for training, the answer is Absolutely Yes, thatís all you have to do is apply for a LOA from your local FSDO or via the address in the AC and request the certification of a BATD.

Only restriction is reduction in training credit ,10 hrs rather than ATD status which allows 20 hrs as before. Currency for holding and approaches are still valid. See far 91 & 61 & 141 plus practical test guides. Many major universities and operators have come to realize that all the devices are tools to increase learning of basics, procedures and emergency training and are not concerned about the time credits which was the reason why simulators/training devises were invented and the technology continues to improve.

 There is another positive economic side to this change an operator can purchase a good well equipped used device that will qualify for BATD status without GPS. Especially for multiengine training these trainers save lots of money and promote safety that can only be learned in a good training device.

For questions of how to apply for a LOA for a device contact us at 818-371-8653

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